Listener’s Questions Episode

December 25, 2021

You asked them, we answered them! That’s right, all of the questions have been asked by you. Without your support this podcast would not be possible. We hope you enjoy this one! It was fun. Thank you for a great first season!

When does a bike become art?

Andrew doesn’t know this but I was tailing him in my car at the waterfront. I noticed that he had an unusually low cadence. I always thought a higher cadence was better. Not sure what his gps was, but he was doing about 27mph. How is that possible?! What the deal?

In your eyes, what area of bicycle development will see the next big technological advancement? Will it be braking systems? Hubs? Shifting? Materials? Something else?
Additionally, will these advancements make me faster?

Describe your most memorable ride of 2021. Either most enjoyable, or most miserable. Remember: You never remember your best day of television, but never forget your worst night in the woods.

Love the show, but do I really need the Lycra? -Leonard, San Matteo CA

How do I find Night Rides in the Pittsburgh Area

How do I increase my Watts per kilogram. I currently max out about 2.75 and would like to be able to bike with the big boys.

how accurate is the calorie burn on Strava. Asking for a friend

I’ve just got back into biking this year and I realized how much I love going fast on flat and downhills. I’m debating on getting a gravel bike. What’s the average max speed for a street bike compared to a gravel bike?

I recently acquired a new to me street bike and learned that the tire pressure for the tires I have need to be 90-110 PSI. I’ve seen people use CO^2 based pumps. Are they better then the hand pumps?

Diet Fad Dan
Ever since I started biking I’ve been getting advertisements on Facebook and Instagram about the “Cycling Diet” They’re claiming results from cycling for only $14.95 a month. I smell a scam. Is there such thing as a cycling diet?

Challenge obsessed Carl
I started using Strava in July and I started doing challenges and I’m now obsessed with collecting the virtual trophies. Is there a way to find more challenges to do?

Todd Ralphs, Idaho
What is the best part about being able to talk to the people you guys talk to?! Keep up the good work!

Question for you both. If you had to choose the perfect bike, what would it be? You ask all of these amazing cyclists what they want and you talk about dream bikes, but you really haven’t talked about what bike you like or want. Ohh and your budget is $2300. Good luck!  -Phil from Quebec


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