Finding The Right Note – A Chat with Emily Newsom

February 21, 2022

A Little From Emily: 

I grew up in a family of ten children, the fifth child to a preacher. We lived in the small town of Burlington WA and grew up in a way that is often labeled now as “free range” aka an healthy, wholesome and adventurous childhood. I was introduced to music at the age of seven and still remember my first piano lesson. The teacher had to put a stool under my dangling feet and I was immediately captivated by the instrument. As lessons progressed I recall rushing home to learn whichever new piece had been assigned me.

Years down the road found me as an insecure and confused twenty year old who knew nothing of what she wanted beyond the fact that she loved music. I spent the next 7 years of my life completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in piano performance. The transition into sport may seem unlikely, but the discipline of being a musician translated into what it took to become a professional athlete. The pathway seemed to open before me, though not without a great deal of sacrifice and commitment.

Now, eight years after my first road race, I find myself in my fifth year being part of a team that has grown very dear to me. I am now married to a wonderful man who has never once doubted my capabilities, and am a mother to a beautiful girl of six and a half years. Some of my happiest moments are at home, making a favorite meal while my husband and daughter laugh together as they build a castle or paint a forest. Sometimes I wonder what drives me to leave this wonderful haven and put myself through the suffering provided by the sport of cycling. But I know there’s an innate desire within me to find my limits, to push past fears, to show my little girl that with hard work and perseverance, great things are achievable.

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